Terms of Use


Eduwheels was launched back in 2018 with an idea to provide an advanced and easy-to-use software system to the schools, colleges and educational institutions. It was launched with the objective of allowing institutions to manage their day to day functions effectively. The 50+ Modules available in the Eduwheels software gives you major tools required to manage school activities effectively and in a robust manner. Eduwheels has an incredible set of customizable features to assist with your complex school management tasks and manage the complex processes. With Eduwheels school management software you can automate the end to end processes of your school right from admission of the student to making his transfer certificates and other documents. It helps you giving complete transparency on all the functioning of your school.

Data Privacy

Eduwheels shall obtain knowledge and shall be in possession of exclusive, intellectual, confidential and proprietary information data and its operations. It shall be the utmost responsibility and critical obligation of Eduwheels to ensure that any such information and/or related information remains protected from any kind of leakages, distribution, communication and/or interferences from any corner whatsoever and in any nature whatsoever. In order to protect the said interest and concern, Eduwheels hereby assures, promises and guarantees that any such information shall remain protected by Party A and/or its employees, agents etc. from any adverse and/or unwarranted circumstances. However, Eduwheels may not be liable for any such information being already publicly disclosed and/or for any information available with the statutory authorities filed under mandatory and statutory compliances under statutory and applicable acts in force.


Eduwheels may enable payments via third-party payment service providers, partners and other Lending Facilitators and it shall be the User's responsibility not to share the credentials for authenticating the payment including the UPI pin or OTP with any third-party intentionally or unintentionally. Eduwheels never solicits credential information for authenticating the payment such as UPI pin or OTP over a call or otherwise. Eduwheels shall not be liable for any fraud due to the sharing of such details by the User.

1) Please be informed for any additional transaction charges contact your school administrator.

2) Eduwheels will not store any of your Bank credentials/Card details. The system will redirect you to only concerned bank pages only to complete your transaction.

3) For any refund(s)/cancellation, please contact your school administrator.

4) For any dispute regarding the payment, you are requested to contact your school administrator.

5) The data storing policy is entirely based on the contract between Eduwheels and school, so if you have any doubt please contact your school administrator.

Intellectual Property

User acknowledges that ownership of platform design, behavior and that of various applications being used by the user, belongs to Eduwheels. In any case, User cannot gain or benefit in any manner whatsoever from the platform or applications other than using it for its intended purpose of imparting education or executing the business in the institution of the user. The license is granted in the form of the right to use the platform and applications as intended for use within the community or institution of the user.

Users shall not duplicate the platform or applications for either their own use or for use by someone else.

The intellectual property rights in the platform and applications together with any related material or documentation, are and shall remain the property of Eduwheels. The design, both functionality and user interface design, and set of features, have been conceived, designed and developed by Eduwheels with considerable time and expense and usage of these in any unauthorized manner will result in infringement of intellectual property rights of Eduwheels.

Users shall not reproduce, transfer or transmit, in any form, or by any means, the design and functionality of the platform and applications or any part thereof, without the prior written consent of Eduwheels.

User shall promptly notify Eduwheels in writing if he becomes aware of any unauthorized act of infringement by any third party.

In case of infringement of intellectual property rights by the user and/or its employees/staff, Eduwheels will have the right to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect.



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Please send your feedback, comments, requests for technical support by email: support@eduwheels.com