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"Get a unique experience with a digitized educational interface"

Smart School Connect has countless unique features and functionality, which will embrace your handling methodology with one touch digital experiences. It has classified features for different kind of users like Teachers, Students and Administration. Enhancing the management growth with customized dashboard, entities, and modules for each user. Students can update their profile and manage their information through the user-profile. Smart School Connect provides unique dashboard, they can manage all the daily routine through dashboard, they can view the allocated daily Class-work and Home-work allocated by the teacher, and complete their syllabus accordingly, similarly they can also check the exam time-table of different subjects and view the daily notifications from the Recent activity menu.

Academics Management:
Academics Management will provide your institution better expansion and helps in building efficient flow of process, it will lead your administration to the form of simplicity and assist in transforming into digitized structure than the usual tedious and manual admin work. Students and Parents can view all the Certificates and Marksheets.
From the time table menu, students can view different types of timetables, like Exam time table, School Events time table, Food menu time table, Class time table, this will help the student in scheduling his/her time and can delegate their time accordingly to each and every academic activity.
Exam Management:
Exam listing will show all the upcoming and completed exams with their respective subjects, In results module, student will able to see all their results of their attempted exams in grading or percentage format.
Students can check out their Events and picnic photos in Gallery, which will be uploaded by their respective Institutes.
Library Management:
Student can view all the Books he/she has issued, with book issue and Over due date in the Book Issue list. Similarly they can view the Book return list by going to the book return tab in Library Management, student can find the number of books he/she has returned in the past as well as the current issued books that are remained to be returned with their mentioned due dates to return the Books Issued on their name.
Student Tracking:
Smart School Connect provides portable device which can be used for live student tracking. Parent can track and monitor their children on real time basis through Eduwheels cross platform system.
Student can get direct message from the teachers, also parents can see or check the messages sent by teachers with particular subject, date and message.
Event Management :
Students can view the list of all the events daily, weekly and yearly with features to view the events according to event type and event date. Student can also add events according to their academic needs, they can view and manage them in dashboard.
Task Management :
Students can create task to complete the work according to their priority, they can also add task name with proper and accurate description for the same.
There are numbers of features like Vehicle, Route, Destination, Vehicle Tracking, these features are very important aspect of the Eduwheels education management system.
  • Vehicle : Student and their parents can view the type of vehicle assigned with proper Vehicle number, Contact person, and Insurance renewal date, also parents can see all the Vehicle details in their access which will help them to contact the driver or the institute in case of any emergency.
  • Route : Parents can see the route that will be pre-defined, so that if there will be any change in the route of Vehicle it will automatically send the notification to the parents about the Route update. Similarly, students can check his/her daily bus routine from start to stop place, there will be notification from the admin institute if there will be any change in the daily bus route.
  • Destination : Students can view the number of destination from pick up point to the drop point. Similarly, parents can see all the destination from their system access.
  • Vehicle Tracking : Students and parents can track the vehicle through Eduwheels vehicle tracking system, parents can view the live location of the transportation vehicle by real time Eduwheels GPS system.
Hostel Management:
Students that applied for hostel accommodations can check all the details of the hostel through Hostel Details, can view monthly and Yearly rental packages and the payment methods. Resources can also be managed through the system and mobile app which make it more efficient and powerful.

Also through Smart School Connect they can see the routine Hostel canteen menu from the system and mobile app. Similarly, Parents can see all this hostel details from their access by checking everyday Canteen menu and other details.

They can also check the rental payment with the last date of payment of hostel rent and the resources allotted to their children like locker, bed, and other household things of their children staying in hostel of the Institute.
Students can daily view the current affairs news posted by teachers and admin through Smart School Connect.
All these features are available in Ios and Mobile App which will helps the student in getting instant notification about all the academic activities in their mobile app, they can simply check their daily Class work and Home work through the mobile app and Ios version, which will help the students in making communication better with their teachers, also it will help them to build good relations between teachers and parents.

Benefits for Students

Students are the key element of every educational institute. They are learner and attends an educational institution, which gives them constant knowledge and ambition to achieve the heights of success. And to consider this fact, We have developed the system which can simplify and digitalize the whole operation management of Institutions. With the help of Smart School Connect, we have build the structure that young generation will easily understand and students can implement it in their daily educational life. Digital integration gives more smart features to the users that are highly comfortable to work with and maintain.

  • Simple architecture and easy to understand for students.
  • Tracking and monitoring of records for every single entity.
  • Get daily notifications of every new update.
  • Unique Id and Password for every user.
  • Manage tasks, leaves, events at single platform.
  • View Canteen menu items on everyday routine.
  • Admin can assign different rights to different users.
  • Better mobility for Administrations, Teachers, Students, and Parents.