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Student Tracking / System

It is designed specifically to track school transportation and monitor students location in a secured way.It will help in knowing if the student got on or off the bus, and responsible to send important alerts to parents and schools with the information that schools need to know. Thus, Eduwheels Education management provides accurate and immediate answers. It will use portable device which can be used for live student tracking. Admin, Teachers and Parents can track and monitor on real time basis through Eduwheels cross platform system. It is vital for a school to keep track of its students. The school needs to know not only attendance, whether the student is coming on time or not.

Eduwheels Education System provides a custom GPS Tracking Solution designed for all the educational institutions. It is primarily focused in enhancing the student's safety as well as the charge of the travel operations. Not only it tracks the vehicles, the system is designed to track every student. This allows the school / college authorities to manage their transport activities more efficiently and provide better peace of mind for the parents.

Eduwheels Education Management is a competent system, which is capable to login and track the activity of students efficiently.It helps to checkin students in and out of class / school. Also reports the student's arrival time, letting teachers know if a student is coming on time or not.

Key Features of Student Tracking System:
  • Track student attendance in classrooms.
  • Scan and detect the students in the School premises.
  • From the existing student information system it can retrieve the desired data.
  • Send warning messages and notify parents via this system.
  • Generate and print attendance reports.
  • Eduwheels Education management made Student tracking easy.

Vehicle Tracking

Admin / Teachers can track the vehicle through Eduwheels vehicle tracking system, also they can view the live location of the transportation vehicle by real time Eduwheels GPS system. Similarly, Students and parents can also track the vehicle through Eduwheels vehicle tracking system, parents can view the live location of the transportation vehicle by real time Eduwheels GPS system.
Features for School Authorities:
  • School Bus Live tracking on standard map.
  • Updated travel location of students that are availing the school transportation feature.
  • Optimize the planned routes and helps to control the associated costs.
  • Notifications of over speed and alert messages to make sure the vehicle is out of any theft or danger.
  • Student travel log which will helps in exploring the historical data.
  • Generate the MIS reports to help in monitoring and enhancing the transportation activities.
Features for Parents :
  • Parents can have peace of mind by monitoring the travel status of their child.
  • Regular SMS alerts to parents to notify the arrival of School Bus at the pickup/drop point.
  • Locate the vehicle using mobile phones to get the latest travel location of a bus or student.
  • SMS and Notification alerts to all the parents when the school vehicle reaches the school.

Eduwheels Education management is developed and designed with the tagline "Enhancing Education System". It is user-interactive, flexible, easy-to-access and diversified platform, which can be embedded in all the generation devices.