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Sms Notifications & Messaging

This tool is one of the most dynamic module of Eduwheels Education Management. As it is capable enough to connect different entities with each other like students, parents, teachers and principal / admin in their own functional ways. This features enables the communication swiftly across the different working platforms. Any type of message or notification can be passed to the various users through SMS on their respected systems and mobiles. User can send different kind of information like Holiday Notifications, Birthday Reminders, Annual School Event, Sports Day and Parents will get the General Notification if the students is absent.

This feature allows to send the text messages individually, in group or in-bulk quantity with service of Media messages. It can be used to send the critical and emergency messages and notifications to the users and it responds efficiently with the effortless gateway of sending messages whenever there is urgent need. It has flexible and customisable groups of specific users that can send, receive the messages and notifications quickly and efficiently. For example students and teacher can create their individual group, and also teachers and parents can create a group separately to stay updated about their children's day to day activities. It supports various types of message sending formats like email, Chat Messaging and Individual Messaging Services. It also have feature to attach any document file, image or link with the message from institute's available resources.

The modules allows to manage and handle the contact list to send the messages, this will include all the teachers, staff or admin connected with respective students and their parents. This feature will help you to search the particular contact in the search bar and send them messages whenever required. The user can also search and find the previous messages in the inbox and sent list. It also gives the permission to see the entire list of Messaging.

This module includes the features like :

Notifications :
  • Individual Notifications : This feature will allow the user to send the Notification to individual users like: daily performance sheet, parents meeting date and time, achievements and result announcement, Student absent notification to the parents, Report card etc. Note: Students, teachers and parents can send the notifications to each other individually.
  • Group Notifications : It will allow the user to send the Notification to particular grouped users like: students of particular class and section, teachers of same subject or same level of experience for the appraisal or promotion etc. Note: Students, teachers and parents can send the group notifications to the specific groups in which they are added or allocated to them.
  • Push Notifications : It is a service that pops up on mobile device. Users don't need to be online while receiving the notification. There are different types of usage like: it can send annual event date, sports event date, fees payment reminder etc. Push notification is similar to Sms and mobile alerts but the only difference is that it can be only received if the user has installed the respective app. Different mobile phones support push notifications like: Android, Ios, Windows.
Messaging :
  • Individual Messaging : The user can send the messages to individual users like: daily performance report, mock exams and results, parents meeting schedule, fees payment reminder, fees receipt etc. Note: Students, teachers and parents can send the messages to each other individually.
  • Group Messaging : This feature will allow the user to send the messages to particular grouped users like: students of specific class and section, Annual day event, sports day, picnic or results announcement date, etc. Note: Students, teachers and parents can send the group messages to only that groups in which they are added.
  • Bulk Messaging : It is a messaging service used to send bulk messages from application to person. Generally large number of messages are sent through designed app or system to the mobile phones of specific group of recipients. Bulk messaging can make use of many solutions to send and receive messages, from mobile app, software or by integrating an SMS API with their website or system.
Advantage of Sms Notifications & Messaging :
  • Bulk Messaging enables all the users to reach and communicate in just one click and within few seconds.
  • SMS is private and public both.It goes straight into the recipient's personal message ID and received through mobile app or the desktop system.
  • SMS can be sent and received to the users from anywhere and anytime.
  • Eduwheels Education Management has developed the feature that can send individual messages or group messages.
  • Even though if the mobile phone or desktop system is signed off the user can still receive the messages and can check them later.
  • SMS / Messages can be stored, forwarded and if required it can be used at a later stage for verification.
  • The sender can schedule the specific time and date to send the SMS and Notifications.
  • Bulk SMS is also possible from the Eduwheels Education management app or system
  • Over the globe this module is much reliable and faster in communication for end to end users.

Eduwheels Education Management is developed and designed with the tagline "Enhancing Education System". It is user-interactive, flexible, easy-to-access and diversified platform, which can be embedded in all the generation devices.