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Scholarship Programmes

The feature will allow to create Online Scholarship Programs, students can Apply and Submit the Application for scholarship without any paperwork. The online application Increases the Accessibility and reduces the chances of any error, this provides the surety of Smooth Process of Scholarship Application. the admin can create student scholarship programmes which will help the students in their financial aid for completing their education.

The automated scholarship program will avoid any duplications and errors, which will ensure the transparency with speedy and accurate submission of students scholarship application.


The institute can issue the Refund in Terms of Scholarship Program. Student can apply for the available scholarship and get the refund of his/her educational fees if the scholarship will be issued on the name of specific student.


It is used as a Financial aid for the Students for their further education which is based on certain criteria forming values and the different purpose of donor. The issued money from scholarship program does not need to be repaid.