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The Admission / Enrollment Process involves lot of activities that contain things like, creating and designing form, provide those forms to the students, selecting the students according to the Institute's criteria, collect payment of fees etc. which may results in errors or delays with affecting the process cost and time. Thus, Eduwheels Education Management provides the feature of Online Admission / Enrollment Process, which will help the Institute in direct and Instant Registration Process.

Every year there are numbers of students pursuing to Apply For Admission in the various Academic Institutes (School, Colleges, and Universities). Creating the tremendous pressure on the administration of the institutes to manually handle and manage the admission process. It becomes very difficult and complex process to conduct in timely and accurate manner.

Therefore, According to the market demand and needs our developer created the feature of Online Admission and Enrollment Process. During the admission period the Institute management team gets a complex task of handling the enrollment process. There is a sense of urgency to leave the manual traditional process of enrollment behind, and enhance the procedure of Admissions / Enrollment with Digital Online Student Application System to optimize and make process simple and easy. The online admission / Enrollment system integrates the technology with the Institutes which will be helpful for both the institution and students.


Every year, during the admissions thousands of student stand in long queues for collecting their Admission / Enrollment Forms and for Submitting the same. This arises the problems in - managing and handling the manual Applications, Queries, Distribution & collection of forms and shortlisting the candidates that results in irritated parents and students.

The main purpose of 'Online Admission / Enrollment System' is to Digitalize the Management Structure, Also, the goal is to provide the support to the Institute by enhancing and utilize the records for reference and further proceedings that makes it more faster,clear, and easy way of maintaining the records.


  • As it's online admission form, it allows candidates to Fill Application form from Anywhere and Anytime.
  • No need to stand in long queues to get the application form and submit the same.
  • The traditional method of manual paper work will get changed, thus it will help in cost savings for the institutes.
  • The Online admission form will help in reducing the unwanted data, the admin can check the applications and only eligible student's data will be entered in the Institute's database.
  • The process will provide the precise and reliable outcomes with the standardization.
  • The entire admission process is very dynamic, if there will be any changes in the system it will get reflected immediately to the candidates.
  • Man Power Saving - Institutes don't need to allot additional manpower to manage the applicants.
  • No longer requirement of printing & storing the forms separately.
  • Institutes don't need to collect forms of all the candidates and file them.

Student Enrollment

Eduwheels Education Mmanagement provides Cloud based Online Enrollment and Admission Process for the students. The system will help the parents in efficient and smooth flow of registration of their children.

The comprehensive student registration process will be managed by admin to handle and streamline the enrollment process for the same, it will provide online registration form for the Schools / Colleges / Institutes to Achieve the Enrollment Goals, and boost the student strength of the Institute.

The parents can Fill the Online Admission Form for the Enrollment Process with all the student's personal and academic information, they need to Upload all the Academic Certificates including school leaving certificate from the previous Institute and photos for photo identification proof. The admin will verify all the uploaded documents with the original copies, mark them as verified and approve the application for the further process.

Parents don't have to go to the Institute to pay the fees, but instead they will get the online token to pay the fees through Eduwheels Education management Online Payment Gateway which will enable the fees payment process competent and hassle free.

Our interactive Mobile App will provide the convenient access to Student Admission Process form in iOs and Android devices which will help in better communication using email and SMS notifications, this will maximize and control the enrollment of the students. Its main aim is to Save time and 30% admin cost of the Institutes.

This module will reduce the manual paperwork and provide the easy and direct access to enrollment forms and data. It will certainly reduce the workload from management and staff members and improves the communication and efficiency.

Employee & Non-teaching staff Enrollment

Online Employee Enrollment System streamlines the institute's efficiency by guiding the employees through the Enrollment Process and providing them with proper application form to apply hassle free. Admin can manage the process closely, making sure that the enrollment process is perfectly completed on time.

It provides a tool for current employees to update and view their benefits. Also, this system is made available throughout the year to enroll new employees in the Institute for better enhancement of the educational growth.

During Open Enrollment Process, our interactive system allows the job applicants to enroll using an easy process. Our powerful tools and easy upload capabilities allow admin to manage employee's information and other annual benefits for enrollment without any issues.

As Employees Management is becoming time-consuming, complex and pricey, Our interactive Mobile app will provide the convenient access to job application form which will help in better communication for hiring the employees using email, this will maximize and streamline the Enrollment Process of the Institutes.