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Employee Management

An Employee Management consists of very significant employee's work and personal information. It is system which provides easy and simple access to all the academic features on single platform. Employees are the only reason for the growth of any business or institute. It needs to be enhanced and elaborated for the development of the employees. It contains Educational details, work experience, salary and contact information, work schedule through time table management. Such database makes source of information of employees readily available to the admin head of the Institute.

It allows to create and add Employee name, code and mobile number in which department's staff are allocated to work, admin can assign and manage employee's current position. The job application form with all the information for the recruitment of teachers is integrated in the system, which will contain personal details, contact details, academic details, professional experience and details with previous employment informations. This will give the employees list with their name, code, department, designation, contact number and employee's image.

This module includes the features like :

Employee Designation and database :
This features allows to add and assign designations to different employees of the institute, admin can assign available designations like : Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers, Accountant, HR, Librarian, Lab Assistant, Security guard etc.
Similarly, the institution contains all the employee's information. Previously, they used paper-based index system to store their employees details. But now, Eduwheels Education Management have changed the concept of paperwork. It stores their full details in database system with efficient retrieval system for the same. Managing the hefty data of Schools is quite difficult because the population of schools keeps on changing every year, as the young students comes and older moves on.
ID Cards :
The admin can create ID cards for different staff, employees, it will help in creating instant ID cards with different entity like Faculty, student and non teaching staff. This feature will have mentioned different departments for the staff members and the option to create ID cards in two formats, Landscape and Portrait.
Attendance Management :
Admin can create daily attendance of the employees through our interactive mobile app, also they can view weekly, monthly and yearly attendance. They can view the attendance of each and every employee / staff by different Stream / Department through weekly, monthly or yearly.
Leave Management :
In leave management system, employees can add different leaves likes : Medical leave, Casual leave, Maternity leave, Education leave etc. Admin can see the list of leaves taken by the employees / staff and also can approve the leaves applied for. Also, the admin and employees have rights to check the total leaves taken and total leaves remaining. Thus, checking in daily, weekly and Monthly list of leaves taken by the employees.
Payroll Management :
Admin can manage the salary of each employee, with employee name, designation, pay head and amount paid to the employee as a salary. They can generate the payslip for the different months and year. In short, admin can manage all the payroll activities of the institute with our Eduwheels Education Management interactive system. Admin can also see the employee salary list with all the details like : name, designation, year, month, payment type. Employee can check his/her current salary from the salary details feature. It can also generate dynamic salary slips, with designation of the employees. Thus, it can create reports for salary slips sent to the employees.
Task Management :
This feature will help in creating different tasks for the Employees to complete them according to their set priority and assigned date, they can also add task name with proper and accurate description for the same.
Committee Management :
This features allows the employees to create meetings with proper time schedule and specific agenda of the day. It helps in checking daily meetings and managing the same efficiently. They can view all the list of meeting in meeting list, which will help them to know the type and the time of meeting of the same module.